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“Music was our first love” let us look to a part of its past: The eighties and the nineties are the high period of Pop and Rock-music. Artists and Bands with its roots in the sixties and seventies gave in this time unique live performances.

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duevel planets colours

The Planets are a small floor-standing omni-directional loudspeaker as are all in the Duevel product line. Don’t let the size fool you however… the Planets play BIG. Creating truly high performance speakers on a strict budget is no easy task and Duevel delivers a perfect solution.

yellow duevel planets

SMSL marks at the international moment the lowest prices for good sounding electronic. In the price-class between 100-200€ we don’t know nothing comparable. These beautiful small boxes produce a powerful and dynamic sound which was unthinkable in former times.

 sms sa-60
sms sa-50
sms sa-50
smsl sanskrit
wooden flute
classic guitar detail


Our aim is to bring the best in its price-class. Who loves the quality, knows it has its price. We are proud to present with the guitars of premium-products. Try the Guitar TW130 CE with the 60Watt T6 are - like us - in love with this beautiful, professional combination two-channels (one for a Microphone) an ideal Singer-Song-Writer recording and Gigs for under 800,-€ with a powerful, very good The Kawai Digital-Pianos are a class of its own.



To enjoy the music is our biggest aim!

How often have you visited a Musicstore in your life? How many times have you heard then Music and not noise? We, from SomArte, love the music and we wanted to create a store which deserves the name music-store because it is full of music and not full of merchandise. Normally a music-store is full of instruments and divers equipment, but often is not available what the musician needs and needs to be ordered. Why? Because musicians are individualists, every artist, if beginner or professional has its own style. And he loves his special instrument, no matter if cheap or expensive the instrument is his friend. The longer we are producing music with our instrument the more we grow together with it. The Guitar-player chooses after a while special strings, which support his style and sound, the flute-player finds out very fast that there is no real alternative to a wooden flute, a piano-player knows the difference of the brands very well, till the Violin virtuoso which has the “stradivari” in the night beside his bed…

How essential the music is we should not forget, especially in the times of economic crisis. It may sound strange, but we need the music like the daily bread. While we need the food for the body, we need the music for our soul.

SomArte wants to bring the music to you. Therefore it is necessary to use music instruments. Even the most beautiful music instrument, the human voice, need technical support, if we are not listening life to the artist.

When we think about musical instruments, our first thought is to produce music. We need to give the same value to the equipment with which we listen, cause they are musical instruments as well which need sensitive treatment. This is the second important area which SomArte wants to give his attention… We try to find instruments which are as close to the nature of sound as possible.

Our intention is to find best sounding equipment in its price-classes. Before we recommend anything to our clients, we approve the quality. Beside our stock of equipment, SomArte works mainly on the basis of order.

To guarantee the newest instruments to fair prices we need to be able to react and don’t want to depend on a stock which needs to be sold. Also we are independent of any Distributor.

We have several once inner Europe, which deliver us the products we like and not what needs to be sold.

To enjoy the music is our biggest aim!

"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture"Frank Zappa



Decobalão, Soc. Unip. Lda
Centro de Artes e Espectáculos(CAE)
Rua Abade Pedro
3080-084 Figueira da Foz

Tel. 233 109 093
Tlm. 926 222 160

From Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am-13h and 15h-20h

A project of DecoBalão


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